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World Championship Match 2023 - Game 6


As we already said, this is a fantastic World Championship Match, and today's game confirms it.
Liren Ding won an amazing game, playing quasi-perfect, outplaying Ian Nepomniachtchi after losing yesterday's game.

The London System helped Ding to get out of theory pretty soon, and today the Chinese Ace found all the right moves to keep Nepo on the edge.
Despite Liren's body language, which seemed to show great disappointment after the first moves into the opening, the Chinese Ace came out of it better than Ian.
The fight moved quickly over to the queen's side, with the pawn on c3 being the center of the action and Nepo trying to keep Ding from playing b4 or Nb3, with the idea of Nc5.

Ding played Nb3 and started playing perfect moves, literally crushing Nepo.
The Russian, in the post-game press conference, said that this was the worst game he's ever played. That's not true. Ding played at a genius level. And there is little to nothing one can do when facing such a force. 
It's remarkable how Liren recovered after yesterday's loss. Most of us today expected an easy draw, with the rest day tomorrow, to gather ideas and prepare for Tuesday's game.
Liren candidly admitted to suffering from stress and anxiety after the first game. Someone said he was too honest, considering that his admission would have given a psychological advantage to Nepo.
Well, if that was true, Ding recovered almost miraculously, given how he played today.
The Match becomes more interesting by the day, with three decisive games in a row now. And with White dominating.
Tuesday, April 18th, Ian Nepomniachtchi will play White again, and we can't wait to witness another amazing battle over the board!

Here is the game:




And here you can watch the post-game press conference from the FIDE Official YouTube Channel:


Tomorrow is a REST DAY. Play resumes with Game 7 on Tuesday, April 18th, at 5 AM EDT, 11:00 Central Europe, and 9:00 UTC.