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World Championship Match 2023 - Game 5

We are witnessing one of the best championship matches in the last decades.
There has been a lot of negativity around this match, with the Numero Uno absence after Magnus decided not to defend his title.
Today, after another fantastic game, even the skeptics have to rethink their approach to the match.
Ian and Liren are battling like gladiators, providing an amazing show to chess enthusiasts.

Ding Liren shows all his disappointment.

Today Ian won brilliantly in a match that we could rename "The match of converting slight advantages!".
After game 4, some commentators said that Nepo plays the infamous 28...Nd4 too quickly, and if Ian had given that move a bit more thinking, the outcome would have been different.
And what does Nepo do in game 5? He plays the first 19 moves in 3 minutes!
Of course, it means that Ian was very well prepared, but there also must be a psychological aspect there.
Ding seemed a bit distressed by the amazingly quick responses of his opponent.
And, while I am not saying that this is the reason Ding lost today, surely Ian blitzin more or less all the game out didn't help Liren's concentration.
The World Championship Match is extremely interesting not only for the "technical" and purely chessish aspects of it.
It's a battle of egos where attitude, body language, and many only apparently small things count.

Here is the game:



The press conference:

Tomorrow, at 15:00 local - 5 AM EDT - 11:00 CET - 9:00 UTC, Game 6.