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World Championship Match 2023 - Game 13

6.5 - 6.5 and into the last classical game

Today Nepomniachtchi played the last classical game of this match with the White pieces, and decided to go again with the Ruy Lopez, closed defense.
The first moves went by at bullet speed. After Nepo's 13.a4 the thinking started. In a typical fight for the center, the players played all the right moves.
At move 21, Ding thought for 23 minutes before playing 21...Re5 to defend his Knight instead of Rb8, which would have given him a sizeable advantage. Not a winning one, but with Re5, Ding equalized the game.

Ian, according to what he said in the press conference, wasn't able to create any real threats over the board, and the game moved quickly into a drawn endgame, which the two contestants resolved with a three-fold repetition before the first time control.

Here is the game:




And here is the post-game press conference from the FIDE Official YouTube Channel:

Tomorrow is the last REST DAY. Game 14 starts on Saturday, at 5 AM EDT - 11:00 CET - 9:00 UTC.