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World Championship Match 2014

Two generations of chess champions are going to clash again, in what we could call a classic rematch, in Sochi, Russia, from November 8-27. After his defeat in the 2013 World Championship Match Vishy Anand, the gentleman from India, managed to win the Candidates tournament and now, with reversed roles, he is the challenger to Magnus Carlsen's throne. The WC match is the most awaited and important chess event of the year.  Millions of chess-lovers will follow the games over the internet, and the Internet Chess Club is going to offer its members the best live commentary ever. Chess personalities and chess champions from all over the world will be in the virtual booth to commentate on this amazing event.

Take a look at our line-up!

Date Day
Host Analyst

11/08 Saturday
WGM Jennifer Shahade GM Gregory Kaidanov

11/09 Sunday
Mark Crowther GM John Fedorowicz

11/11 Tuesday
GM Miguel Illescas GM Jonathan Speelman

11/12 Wednesday
GM Ben Finegold GM Hikaru Nakamura

11/14 Friday
GM Daniel King GM Sam Shankland

11/15/ Saturday
GM Lars Bo Hansen GM Ronen Har-Zvi

11/17 Monday
GM Var Akobian GM Max Dlugy

11/18 Tuesday
Mig GM Joel Benjamin

11/20 Thursday
GM David Smerdon GM Larry Christiansen

11/21 Friday
GM Ramesh R.B. GM Susan Polgar

11/23 Sunday
GM Ramesh R.B. GM Susan Polgar

11/25 Tuesday
Mig GM Gata Kamsky

11/27 Thursday

In game 4 world #9 Hikaru Nakamura will be on with Ben Finegold. It's the first time ever for Hikaru to commentate for the ICC, and we all are thrilled and happy to have him in the team!
Game 5 will see Daniel King and the young American star Sam Shankland in the virtual booth.
Game 12 will be commentated on by our old (not by age!) host Mig Greengard - who accepted to return in the team for this special occasion - and the great Gata Kamsky.
And what to say about the rest of talents that will help us understand what's going on over the board? Super commentators such as Jennifer Shahade, Kaidanov, Illescas, Crowther, Benjamin, Christiansen, Akobian, Smerdon, Dlugy, Fedorowicz, Speelman, Har-Zvi… It will be FUN!

We will have online trivia, where ICC members can win FREE membership time, and the New in Chess trivia contest - in the Game Of the Day video - where a lucky ICC member can win a subscription to the best chess magazine out there!

There is only one place where you can follow the World Championship Match: the Internet Chess Club! 



Game 1

The first game was a hard-fought draw, with a lot of interesting moments. The opening was a rare variations of the Grunfeld, and the two champions found themselves out of theory pretty soon in the game. This contributed to make it extremely interesting.

GM Gregory Kaidanov video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 2
The second game is already a decisive one! Magnus Carlsen won a game where he’s been attacking all the time; unfortunately, Anand blundered in a bit of time pressure, and lost on the spot. But the situation didn’t seem to be very good for the Indian former World Champion, who was anyay trying hard to defend his position. Towards the end of the game, it looked like Anand could have saved the draw, but then he played a careless move, and lost on the spot. Now it becomes hard for Vishy, but who knows, perhaps he will be able to come back strong already on Tuesday, after the first rest day.

GM Fedorowicz video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 3
Vishy strikes back! Anand caught Carlsen out of preparation, and won Game 3 in a convincing way. It has been a thrilling day for all the chess fans, who now see a long match ahead, with many interesting games. Carlsen and Anand banged away the first moves at an unbelievable pace, following closely a game played by Adams. then the thinking started and something went horribly wrong for the World Champion. Magnus fought until the very end though, when the loss of a piece was unavoidable. A great game, which thousands of chess fans have enjoyed watching in ICC, with the live commentary of GMs Miguel Illescas and Jonathan Speelman.

GM Jon Speelman video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 4
It’s been a great day at ICC, with GM Hikaru Nakamura and GM Ben Finegold commentating on Game 4! The game has been interesting, with ups and downs. Anand’s opening preparation seems to be really solid, but then he tends to be slightly imprecise in the middle game, which allows Carlsen to start his famous strangling manoeuvres. But this time Anand reacted promptly, and the endgame was clearly drawn. As usual, Magnus tried and tried, until he realized that there were no possible ways to play for a win, and forced draw by repetition. The match is still tied (2.0/2.0), with Anand who, after his win yesterday with White, has been able to hold with the Black pieces.

GM Ben Finegold video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 5
Another great day, with three famous GMs commentating on Game 5 for the ICC: Daniel King, Sam Shankland and Pentala Harikrishna. The game was a draw, but Anand showed that he’s up to it, trying to find ways to improve his position with the White pieces. Carlsen was able to equalize, and the game ended with only the Kings, one rook and a pawn for each side. Many of the observers still give Carlsen as the favorite for the final victory, but this match is totally different from the last one; anand seems much more confident, and his play is more convincing.

GM Sam Shankland video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 6
26. ... a4 instead of 26. ... Nxe5 made chess history today. Anand missed a huge chance to get a probably decisive advantage in Game 6. Carlsen played an inaccurate move, leaving all the chess fans breathless; when Anand replied with a4, in ICC people who were watching the game live thought it was a relay error, only to understand in a couple of minutes that two back-to-back minor blunders had just been played in Game 6 of the World Championship Match. In the press conference after the game, Magnus admitted: “mistakes happen; sometimes you are lucky and get away with it”. Anand said he was focused on the a pawn, and didn’t catch Magnus’ mistake. After that moment, Anand played some imprecise moves, and the game ended before time control, giving the incumbent World Champion the lead, halfway through the match. After today’s win, Carlsen leads 3.5 to 2.5.

GM Lars Bo Hansen video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 7
A 122 moves Berlin Defense kept the crowd glued to their computer screen today. Anand got into the Berlin, despite his first loss in this match with the same opening. Carlsen was quite happy with what he had after a long (30 moves circa) theoretical line, but Anand was not going to let the Norwegian python strangle him so easily. It’s been one of the most exciting games ever played in a World Championship Match. A clash of the titans not be forgotten.

GM Var Akobian video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 8
For the first time, the two opponents called it a day in less than 3 hours, playing a line that, apparently, both had prepared quite well. Probably the almost 7 hours of yesterday's game took Magnus' and Vishy's energies away, and they did not want to play on in a drawish position. After 8 games, Magnus leads 4.5 to 3.5. The world champion needs two more point to retain his title, which means that Anand needs to try something in the next games, especially when he plays with the white pieces.

GM Joel Benjamin video recap HERE 

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 9
Again a Berlin defense, but this time only 15 moves and just over an hour to find a repetition and the draw. It was a very short day in the office, with Magnus and Vishy probably feeling the fatigue and the stress of a World Championship Match. The first 7 games have been hard fought battles, and now it seems like the two rivals decided to go with the flow, and let the pieces play almost by themselves. The question is: who is taking advantege from two short draws in a row? Magnus leads by one point, and drawing games gets him closer to the final victory; on the other hand, Anand takes advantage of these "rest days" to pile up energy, and go "all out" in the last games. Vishy will have two whites in the last three games: two more chances to try to grab equality and hope in the rapid tiebreaks.

GM Larry Christiansen video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 10
It's been a great day at ICC, with GM Susan Polgar and GM Ramesh in the virtual booth to commentate on Game 10 of this epic duel between reigning champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Vishy Anand. ICC has allowed access to everyone, to join the community and listen to the live commentary. The game was a Grunfeld, which seemed to give white a small edge out of the opening. Position was tense, with some possibilities for Anand to seek for a small advantage, but the Indian chess genius opted for a quick solution, exchanging almost every pieces on the board. After 10 Games, Carlsen is still one full point ahead, and now leads 5.5 to 4.5. Sunday Anand will have to face the Champion with the black pieces, hoping to get a draw to stay in the match, and give it a last shot in game 12, with the white pieces.

GM Ramesh RB video recap HERE

5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store

Game 11
Game 11 was a rollercoaster - as GM Susan Polgar called it - with Anand pushing hard to get a better position in a another Berlin defense. 27. ... Rb4 was the key move of the game and - at this point - of the match: Anand went for an exchange sacrifice, which didn't turn out to be sound. Carlsen did not miss his chance, and played well to win the game, retaining his World Champion Title. Congratulations to the Norwegian Numero Uno!

GM Ramesh RB video recap HERE

​5-minute preview of the live commentary. The whole show is available at the ICC Store



Game Date Host Play
1 Nov 08   GM Gregory Kaidanov
2 Nov 09   GM John Fedorowicz
3 Nov 11   GM Jon Speelman
4 Nov 12   GM Ben Finegold
5 Nov 14   GM Sam Shankland
6 Nov 15   GM Lars Bo Hansen
7 Nov 17   GM Var Akobian
8 Nov 18   GM Joel Benjamin
9 Nov 20   GM Larry Christiansen
10 Nov 21   GM Ramesh RB
11 Nov 23   GM Ramesh RB

TRIVIA winners

Game 1 month 3 month GOTD New in Chess
1 chesschallenged oldtimer mcgonigle
2 oldtimer bdubois jason0411
3 Betamax Betamax Coffiemate
4 oldtimer DeadCatBouncer Pancake
5 RumLives   AccioFirebolt
6 sphenxes SoWhat lapponia
7 agent-n053 Sunny2002 LostEarthworm
8 MikeAngelo swindle SlimeDog2
9   MouseSlip Longview
10 chesschallenged Radja fnakamura
11     Baeta


Photoguy commented on 2014 11 05

Starting what time of day here in the U.S.?

tightfist commented on 2014 11 06

I vote for Carlsen to win the 2014 World Chess Championship.

thank you, tightfist

youngamerican commented on 2014 11 07

I vote for Carlsen to win the 2014 World Chess Championship.

hextwixt commented on 2014 11 07

Photoguy, the Wikipedia article on this match says “The games start daily at 15:00 MSK (UTC+03:00)” So for example on the East Coast of the U.S. which is UTC-5:00, games will start at 7:00 a.m., and 4:00 a.m. on the West Coast.

duelingbanjo commented on 2014 11 08

coverage begins at 7:00am NYC, ICC, GMT/UTC-4 time, occasionally, rd1 or others the game start is slightly delayed by on-site ceremony or hiccup.  UTC-5 normally but U-States ‘daylight savings’ just began so that’s why the -4 until the switch back to -5,  six months from now.

duelingbanjo commented on 2014 11 08

scratch that last comment about -4

hbteh commented on 2014 11 08

unable to see Anand-Carlsen live in ICC. Can somebody help me? Not good with internet.

mtc666 commented on 2014 11 08

I found my way there with Dasher, but it was not straight forward.

WebWorld commented on 2014 11 08

how do I watch the commentary??

hbteh commented on 2014 11 08

thanks mtc666. am on chessdom now.

mtc666 commented on 2014 11 08

great!  @WebWorld, if you bring up ICC software like Dasher, then examine game 584.  That brings up the board, and I can hear the (excellent) commentating.

tucot commented on 2014 11 08

thank you

Smallerville commented on 2014 11 08

I vote for Carlsen.

BadBishop62 commented on 2014 11 17

I can’t find the commentary either. I can find the store though, Its seems to be he default link to bring you to the store. I don’t want to go to the store I want to see the match.

Terrible site.

I am good with the internet and I’ve been trying on and off for half an hour.