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Ultimate Chess Championship #1

Advanced Chess Tournament

Chess players: Start your engines!  The first Ultimate Chess Championship is fast approaching!

Ultimate Chess Championship

Unlike regular tournaments, where only the elite have a chance to win top honors, everyone has a chance now! Everything goes in this tournament, so bring your friends, bring your computers, bring your friends and their computers!

Register your complimentary (C)omputer account HERE to play in the event.  Be sure to check-mark that the account is for a computer chess program.

Will a GM team win or perhaps a GM with computer help? Or will it be the lone gunslinger with the latest and greatest computer program, a specialized book and a monster machine? Join us and find out! It could be you! :-)

Put those pieces of silicon to work and earn some money! Yeah, that's it: you feed them with Gigas of memory, allow them to dwell into your super multiple CPU beloved computers, cuddle them with opening books and special settings, tweaking and fine-tuning all day long, to get their strength up and up... it's time for the engines to give back love, and make you compete - and possibly win! - in the amazing Ultimate Chess Championship!

Here is the schedule:

Qualifier 1  October 2nd at 13:00 - 9 rounds of 15 10 swiss - 4 qualify for final
Qualifier 2  October 3rd at 13:00 - 9 rounds of 15 10 swiss - 4 qualify for final
Final October 4th at 13:00 - Round Robin for 8 players - 7 rounds 15 10 



jpsingh1972 commented on 2015 09 25

Great Tournament

Wisechoice1 commented on 2015 10 02

I’d like to register The Great Tournament

SAXU commented on 2015 10 02

Hi my handle is SAXU and I would like to play in the Computer Chess Tournament today at 13:00