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TATA STEEL 2014. Let’s start Big!

Levon Aronian set a statement: I am #2, and I'll challenge Magnus for the World Title! Well, of course he never said that, but his way to play in Wijk aan Zee - despite his loss with Van Wely in last round - seems to strongly affirm his leading position as probable Challenger. Levon played his best chess during the tournament, and won it  with one round to go. In the last round he probably pushed a bit too much; Loek Van Wely didn't falter and won the game. Still, Levon finished 1.5 points ahead of Giri and Karjakin, with an impressive +6=4-1 score, which looks like a warning to the participants to the Candidates tournament, to be held in March. 

Did you miss one or more of ICC's live commentary for the Tata Steel Tournament? No worries! By popular request, the ICC is making the ENTIRE broadcasts of the Tata Steel tournament available so you can live and relive each game! Follow this link to access the Store and choose which round you want to watch.


Round Date Host Play PGN
1 Jan 11   GM Alex Yermolinsky
2 Jan 12   GM Varuzhan Akobian
3 Jan 13   GM Gregory Kaidanov
4 Jan 15   GM Joel Benjamin
5 Jan 17   GM Larry Christiansen
6 Jan 18   GM Alex Yermolinsky
7 Jan 19   GM David Smerdon
8 Jan 21   GM Larry Christiansen
9 Jan 23   GM Miguel Illescas
10 Jan 25   GM Ronen Har-Zvi
11 Jan 26   GM Jonathan Speelman


Round Date 1 month 3 months NiC
1 Jan 11 SaltofLife Ahijah BeqoStudent
2 Jan 12 Corocotta Jack-ONeill mstefa
3 Jan 13 TheEye Deatcatbouncer cosmo22
4 Jan 16 KingHarvest bioniclime Disinterred
5 Jan 17 Activekids caglar DuoFold
6 Jan 18 Activekids TheEye doubleknights
7 Jan 19 RumiLives MikeAngelo Laurence
8 Jan 21 TheEye Gambit101 little-master
9 Jan 23 Corocotta Activekids LouCid
10 Jan 25 MikeAngelo oldtimer pinak
11 Jan 26 funkymunky MikeAngelo fearnone


Name Rating Fed.  
GM Levon Aronian 2803 (ARM)
GM Hikaru Nakamura 2786 (USA)
GM Fabiano Caruana 2782 (ITA)
GM Boris Gelfand 2777 (ISR)
GM Sergey Karjakin 2756 (RUS)
GM Leinier Dominguez 2754 (CUB)
GM Arkadij Naiditsch 2737 (GER)
GM Anish Giri 2734 (NED)
GM Wesley So 2719 (PHI)
GM Pentala Harikrishna 2708 (IND)
GM Richard Rapport 2687 (HUN)
GM Loek Van Wely 2678 (NED)



Joselito Maglanoc commented on 2014 01 02


ruy commented on 2014 01 02

Great tournament, look forward to it!

Torres Carino commented on 2014 01 03

Why do they always include loek van wely? for sure he will end up in the cellar dwellar again.

Miguel Mari commented on 2014 01 05

Is a great tournamentthe ,the best in the world chess