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Two-thousand-and-twelve, good bye! A year of great chess just ended. We have seen many important events this past year, and ICC has brought you all the best of the action, with videos, relays and broadcasts.

Anand has retained his World Champion Title, in a struggle against Israeli GM Boris Gelfand; Caruana and Nakamura have established their belonging to the elite chess, Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen has broken another impressive record, surpassing the stellar Kasparov's FIDE rating of 2851 ELO points. In a nice and interesting article, our admin and blogger Michael Aigner wonders how long will it take to Magnus to break 2900, and even 3000. Stay tuned.


2013 is going to start with one of the most amazing event of the year: the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. There will, as usual, three tournaments. with Group A, Group B and Group C.
Group A presents an impressive lineup, with Magnus Carlsen- who will show his new shining best-ever rating; Levon Aronian- in need to reaffirm his leadership (not considering the Martian from Norway);Fabiano Caruana- the "Fab-ulous" young American playing under Italian flag; Vishy Anand- the apparently tired World Champion, in seek of some revenge; the strong Russian Sergey Karjakin; Hikaru the bomb Nakamura- able to entertain the chess addicts with his brilliant and uncompromising play; Wang Hao, the most dangerous Chinese chess artist around; Peter Leko- try to beat this guy, please; young local hero Anish Giri; Indian second most famous player Pentala Harikrishna; the Netherland squad with Loek van Wely, Ivan Sokolov and Erwin L'Ami; last but not least the former World Women Chess Champion Hou Yifan. ICC with Chess.FM will cover all the aspects of this wonderful event: LIVE commentary with the Dream Team, online TRIVIA and GOTD TRIVIA, with the traditional and most appreciated New in Chess challenge, Social Networks coverage.

The event starts January the 12th and last round is January the 27th. A chess marathon that will keep ICC's members glued to their screen, to watch and comment on the games played by their favorite players!
Play starts at 7:30am ICC time (EST - New York Time); last round starts at 6:00am ICC time.

To follow the live action, connect to ICC and the games and audio should come up automatically. If they don’t you can always go to the chat area and enter: /follow broadcast
If the audio isn’t working you can also try listening to it here:

Chess.FM Schedule

Round Date Host Analyst
1 01/12 Mark Crowther Varuzhan Akobian
2 01/13 Ronen Har-Zvi Lars Bo Hansen
3 01/14 Alex Yermolinsky Gregory Kaidanov
4 01/15 Yasser Seirawan Gawain Jones
5 01/17 Yasser Seirawan Miguel Illescas
6 01/18 Yasser Seirawan Joel Benjamin
7 01/19 Ronen Har-Zvi Ben Finegold
8 01/20 Mark Crowther Lars Bo Hansen
9 01/22 Boris Alterman Alex Yermolinsky
10 01/23 Boris Alterman Larry Christiansen
11 01/25 Suat Atalik Joel Benjamin
12 01/26 Ronen Har-Zvi Timur Gareev
13 01/27 Ronen Har-Zvi Lars Bo Hansen

Game Of the Day

Jan. 20

Round Date Host Play
1 Jan. 12   GM Varuzhan Akobian
2 Jan. 13   GM Lars Bo Hansen
3 Jan. 14   GM Alex Yermolinsky
4 Jan. 15   GM Gawain Jones
5 Jan. 17   GM Yasser Seirawan
6 Jan. 18   GM Joel Benjamin
7 Jan. 19   GM Ronen Har-Zvi
8 Jan. 20   GM Lars Bo Hansen
9 Jan. 22   GM Alex Yermolinsky
10 Jan. 23   GM Larry Christiansen
11 Jan. 25   GM Joel Benjamin
12 Jan. 26   GM Ronen Har-Zvi
13 Jan. 27   GM Lars Bo Hansen

TRIVIA winners

Round 1 month 3 month GOTD New in Chess
1 s4m56 Leijona go2006
2 EverDream Mandragora bereolos
3 Deadcatbouncer Deadcatbouncer mishabobby
4 phlox s4m56 tonmeister
5 Activekids Activekids taneli
6 chesschallenged Elo400 AstroChessPilot
7 Mandragora chesschallenged photoguy
8 Activekids Phlox TimJ-Gluckman
9 spand42 bingram Activekids
10 bdubois sisu jcecil
11 ccortese mathman nurmi
12 chesskid Activekids sapientdust
13 caglar TigreBlanco Imle