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Segunda Gran Fiesta de Ajedrex UNAM

The Segunda Gran Fiesta de Ajedrex UNAM in Mexico City brings us an amazing line-up with Magnus Carlsen, Judit Polgar, Lazaro Bruzon and Manuel Leon Hoyos participating to a "cuadrangular": 4 rounds KO system with the strong brigade playing Rapid and Blindfold games (remember the late lamented Amber event?). During the UNAM Festival - November the 24th at 1pm ICC time - Magnus Carlsen will be Public Enemy number 1 (!) in the "Carslen vs. the World" game! The Norwegian genius challenges the Internet people, trying to defeat a collective chess brain in this - by now - traditional event. ICC will relay the games and have live commentary in Spanish - with GM Miguel Illescas - for this nice and interesting event. Schedule: Nov.23 and 24th - 6:30pm ICC (Rd 1-2); Sunday 25th - 12:00pm & 6:00pm (Rd 3-4).

First Semifinal: GM Magnus Carlsen vs. GM Lazaro Bruzon  (November the 23rd - 6:30pm EST) -- Carlsen advances to the Finals
Second semifinal: GM Judit Polgar vs. GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (November the 24th - 6:30pm EST) -- Polgar advances to the Finals


3rd-4th place: November the 25th 12:00pm EST  Bruzon vs Leon Hoyos -- GM Leon Hoyos wins
1st-2nd place: November the 25th 06:00pm EST  Carslen vs. Polgar -- GM Carlsen wins