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Norway Chess 2016 - Round 7

GM Larry Christiansen video recap 


Pos. Points Player Rating
1 5.0 Magnus Carlsen 2851
2-5 4.0 Levon Aronian 2784
    Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 2788
    Veselin Topalov 2754
    Pentala Harikrishna 2763
6 3.5 Vladimir Kramnik 2801
7-9 3.0 Pavel Eljanov 2765
    Anish Giri 2790
    Li Chao 2755
10 1.5 Nils Grandelius 2649

It's not every day you see Vladimir Kramnik, one of the greatest players of all time, get outplayed, but this is exactly what the Martian from Norway did today, and apparently with little effort, finishing with a huge advantage on the clock. Kramnik barely made the time control at move 40, but at that point there was no way for the Russian legend to save the game: two pawns down and a hopeless position. Kramnik tried to resist, but Carlsen excellent technique left nothing to Vladimir, who resigned at move 50, facing a queen promotion.

Carlsen sails happily toward a new important milestone of his amazing career: winning for the first time a super-tournament on his homeland.

Aronian played a very good game against Eljanov, and brought home the full point. The former numero-due joins the pursing pack, that after today though howls a bit less loudly, with Magnus a full point ahead with two rounds to go.

Topalov Giri was a crazy game, spectacular and thrilling, with a lot of tactics involved. For sure a game to review for the aficionados.

Tomorrow Round 8 at 10AM EDT -- 16:00 CEST. ICC will have live commentary with IM Christof Sielecki and GM Joel Benjamin

Today we have three winners in the GTR contest: ECP, nikenwidiartto and  bennywins. Well done!

The winner of GOTD TRIVIA contest for Round 6 is GreenLantern. Congratulations!