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Norway Chess 2013

With an average rating of 2776, the first Norway Chess Tournament might be the strongest ever.

May the 8th is the one day all the chess fans are waiting for. One of the strongest chess tournament ever is going to draw the fans' attention from May the 8th to May the 18th.
The line-up is simply stunning, with all the 2750+ guys. At the last minute, Vladimir Kramnik had to decline the invitation, but the uber-strong Peter Svidler stepped in, completing a list of participatns that until now existed only in any chess lover's dreams.
ICC will cover this amazing event with Live Radio Broadcast, Game Of the Day Service and the traditional TRIVIA contests, whith main prize being a 1-year subscription to the best chess magazine out there: New in Chess!
Games start at 9am EDT - 15:00 CET. Last Round 6am EDT - 12:00 CET.


Game Of the Day


Round Date Host Play
1 May 08   GM Varuzhan Akobian
2 May 09   GM David Smerdon
3 May 10   GM Jonathan Speelman
4 May 12   GM David Smerdon
5 May 13   GM Alex Yermolinsky
6 May 14   GM Lars Bo Hansen
7 May 15   GM Ronen Har-Zvi
8 May 17   GM Joel Benjamin
9 May 18   GM Alex Yermolinsky



  Name Rating
GM Magnus Carlsen 2872
GM Levon Aronian 2809
GM Teimour Radjabov 2793
GM Sergey Karjakin 2786
GM Viswanathan Anand  2783
GM Veselin Topalov  2771
GM Hikaru Nakamura  2767
GM Peter Svidler  2747
GM Hao Wang  2743
GM Jon Ludvig Hammer  2629


Radio Broadcast Schedule


Round Host Analyst
1 Daniel King Varuzhan Akobian
2 Boris Alterman David Smerdon
3 Ronen Har-Zvi Jonathan Speelman
4 Daniel King David Smerdon
5 Ronen Har-Zvi Varuzhan Akobian
6 Ben Finegold Lars Bo Hansen
7 Mark Crowther Alex Yermolinsky
8 Joel Benjamin Miguel Illescas
9 Alex Yermolinsky Jan Smeets


TRIVIA winners

Round 1 month 3 month GOTD New in Chess
1 Pagliacci Leijona Leijona
2 joesixpack Leijona gomeschess
3 Abel chesschallenged HighLama
4 agent-n053 Deadcatbouncer chess69
5 tknight16 Abel dimokles
6 Abel Abel Purplehaze
7 izit Deadcatbouncer rode-loper
8 Activekids SunSpots Banger
9 sisu Abel NeiliAm