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London and ICC: Capital of Chess!

At the end of an intense year, filled with interesting and enthralling chess events, the curtain rises for the final act: The London Chess Classic! This amazing event sees a line-up that makes it one of the most important tournaments of all times. Magnus Carlsen and Judit Polgar the "Numero Uno" duo, had a shootout just few days ago, when they faced over the board for the exhibition games in Mexico City, the 2nd UNAM Festival.

Judit surprised Magnus in the first game (Rapid), with a deep tactical shot, and the Norwegian genius realized a second too late that he was totally lost. Magnus won the next game (Blindfold) and the final playoff. Now they will met again the 7th round of the London Chess Classic, with a recent precedent that will make the game uber-interesting to follow. The fireworks start Saturday, December the 1st, with #1 Magnus Carlsen, World Champion Vishy Anand, #2 Levon Aronian, Former WC Vladimir Kramnik, American hero Hikaru Nakamura, the best ever female player Judit Polgar, and the English squad, with Michael Adams, Luke McShane and out ChessFM friend and commentator Gawain Jones.
We will have the traditional online TRIVIA and the TRIVIA main prize in the Game Of the Day video, where a lucky ICC member can win a one-year subscription to the best chess magazine out there: New in Chess!

To follow the live action, connect to ICC and the games and audio should come up automatically. If they don’t you can always go to the chat area and enter: /follow broadcast
If the audio isn’t working you can also try listening to it here:


Game Of the Day

Round Date Host Play
1 Dec. 1   GM Varuzhan Akobian
2 Dec. 2   GM David Smerdon
3 Dec. 3   GM Jan Smeets
4 Dec. 4   GM Alex Yermolinsky
5 Dec. 6   GM Lars Bo Hansen
6 Dec. 7   GM Varuzhan Akobian
7 Dec. 8   GM Joel Benjamin
8 Dec. 9   GM Lars Bo Hansen
9 Dec. 10   GM Larry Christiansen

Chess.FM Schedule

Round Date Host Analyst
1 Saturday Dec. 1st - 09:00 am Ronen-HarZvi  Varuzhan Akobian
2 Sunday Dec. 2nd 09:00 am Mark Crowther  David Smerdon
3 Monday Dec. 3rd 09:00 am Mig Jan Smeets
4 Tuesday Dec. 4th 11:00 am Alex Yermolinsky   Miguel Illescas
5 Thursday Dec. 6th 09:00 am  Mig  Boris Alterman
6 Friday Dec. 7th 09:00 am Mark Crowther  Varuzhan Akobian
7 Saturday Dec. 8th 09:00 am Ronen Har-Zvi Joel Benjamin
8 Sunday Dec. 9th 09:00 am Suat Atalik  Lars Bo Hansen
9 Monday Dec. 10th 07:00 am Mig  Larry Christiansen

TRIVIA winners

Round 1 month 3 month GOTD New in Chess
1 Abel MattF retsius
2 FourthDimension Tyrius wstaylor
3 burnsy Phaedra notmtwain
4 s4m56 bioniclime Kingpatzer
5 Phaedra chesschallenged MagPet
6 chesschallenged MuddyWaters Falconetti
7 MuddyWaters funkymunky Magagna
8 agent-n053 powerpawn Mobtaker
9 grunts Gambit101 nex