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FIDE Grand Prix in London!

The FIDE Grand Prix, that will take place in London from September the 21st to October the 3rd, has finally a definite line-up. Unfortunately GM Peter Svidler had to renounce, thus the organizers called in GM Michael Adams, #1 of England. The complete line-up is: GM Hikaru Nakamura from USA, GM Vassily Ivanchuk form Ukraine, GM Alexander Grischuk from Russia, GM Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria, GM Wang Hao from China, GM Boris Gelfand from Israel, GM Peter Leko fr om Hungary, GM Anish Giri from the Netherlands,  GM Shakriyar Mamedyarov from Azerbaijan, GM Leinier Dominguez from Cuba, GM Michael Adams from England and GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov from Uzbekistan. The tournament is a an 11 Rounds - Round Robin system.  Games start every day at 09:00 am ICC time (EDT) - 03:00 pm Central European Time. September the 26th and the 30th are rest days.
ICC Chess.FM will be on the air with all the team, and some BIG surprise! We will have the usual online TRIVIAs, where ICC members can win free time on their account, and the Game Of the Day service, with the big TRIVIA prize: every day a lucky ICC member can win a 1-year subscription for the best chess magazine out there: New in Chess!

To follow the live action, connect to ICC and the games and audio should come up automatically. If they don’t you can always go to the chat area and enter: /follow broadcast
If the audio isn’t working you can also try listening to it here:

Game Of the Day

Round Date Host Play
1 Sep. 21   GM Timur Gareev
2 Sep. 22   GM Varuzhan Akobian
3 Sep. 23   GM Alex Yermolinsky
4 Sep. 24   GM Gawain Jones
5 Sep. 25   GM Alex Yermolinsky
6 Sep. 27   GM Alex Yermolinsky
7 Sep. 28   GM Lars Bo Hansen
8 Sep. 29   GM Alex Yermolinsky
9 Oct. 1   GM Gregory Kaidanov
10 Oct. 2   GM Varuzhan Akobian
11 Oct. 3   GM Lars Bo Hansen

Chess.FM Schedule

Round date Host Analyst
1 Sept. 21 Ronen Har-Zvi Timur Gareev
2 Sep. 22 Ronen Har-Zvi Varuzhan Akobian
3 Sep. 23 Boris Alterman Alex Yermolinsky
4 Sep. 24 Mig Greengard Gawain Jones
5 Sep. 25 David Smerdon John Fedorowicz
6 Sep. 27 Boris Alterman Alex Yermolinsky
7 Sep. 28 Ronen Har-Zvi Lars Bo Hansen
8 Sep. 29 Ronen Har-Zvi Timur Gareev
9 Oct.    1 Joel Benjamin Gregory Kaidanov
10 Oct.    2 Gawain Jones Varuzhan Akobian
11 Oct.    3 Joel Benjamin Lars Bo Hansen

TRIVIA Winners

Round 1 month 3 months GOTD New in Chess
1 pretzelattack El-Kaiser caglar
2 Corocotta Michael elbowroom
3 oldtimer oldtimer ZeCarioca
4 BorrowedTime FourthDimension sisu
5 Abel Abel brax380
6 Corocotta s4m56 delta1
7 Cryptchess Abel PantomimeHorse
8 S4m56  XXXX Io-Annou
9 Abel izit ForestHacker
10 bioniclime Corocotta TheDoctorJ
11 s4m56 s4m56 IkerDaRogue