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Bilbao Masters Final 2016 - Round 6

GM Jon Speelman video recap 

Everyone was waiting for the "revenge time" today in Bilbao. Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura played again each other, after the resounding victory of the American ace, who finally interrupted what was starting to look like a spell. Unfortunately, they both seemed anxious to bail out today and, after some skirmish during the opening, they went straight to an announced draw.

The real deal today was the first win in the tournament for the Chinese prodigy. In a Berlin defense, Wei Yi was able to push, and Giri, in a quite uncharacteristic way, blundered in the endgame, giving the victory to his younger opponent.

Karjakin and Wesley So drew a hard fought game, with some chances missed by both players.

After six round and with four rounds to go, Carlsen is still alone at the top, with 11 points, followed by Nakamura with 8 and Wei Yi with 7. Karjakin, Giri and So share last place with 5 points. tomorrow round 7 at 10am EDT -- 16:00 CEDT. Pairings: Nakamura-So, Carlsen-Wei, Giri-Karjakin.

Today we have FIVE winners in the GTR contest: arnav311004, ECP, nikenwidiartto, SirDavid92 and Radja. Well done!

Th winner of the GOTD TRIVIA contest is GreenLantern. congratulations!