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Bilbao Chess Masters final 2016

This year the Bilbao Chess Masters final promises to be a very interesting event, with the two most followed players of the circuit, Magnus and Hikaru, and the world Championship challenger Karjakin, in the last tournament together with the World Champion before their duel which will take place later this year. Also, the young rising star Wei Yi from China will be part of the lot. Wei Yi made the headlines when he passed the 2700 barrier going to the playing hall with his teddy bear, figuratively speaking. After that, he had to settle down a bit. But he's still so young that time plays in his favor, and it will be interesting to see him fighting with the top guys. Top players Anish Giri and Wesley So complete the line-up, making this event one of the strongest and exciting tournaments of the year.

Play starts July 13th at 10am EDT - 16:00 local time (CEDT).

Here is the list of the participants:

Player Country Rating
Magnus Carlsen  Norway 2851
Hikaru Nakamura  USA 2787
Anish Giri  Netherlands 2782
Wesley So  USA 2770
Sergey Karjakin  Russia 2774
Wei Yi  China 2694

ICC will have full coverage of the Bilbao Masters Final, with live commentary, GOTD service and the usual trivia and contests.

*** To follow ICC's coverage of the Bilbao tournament, create an account and log in! ***

Here is the line-up of the ICC's dream team of commentators:

Date Day/Time (EDT)
Host Analyst
07/13 Wednesday/10AM
IM John Watson GM Max Dlugy
07/14 Thursday/10AM
IM Christof Sielecki GM Lars Bo Hansen
07/15 Friday/10AM
IM John Watson GM Alex Yermolinsky
07/16 Saturday/10AM
GM Ronen Har-Zvi GM David Smerdon
07/17 Sunday/10AM
IM Christof Sielecki GM Ron W Henley
07/19 Tuesday/10AM
IM Vojislav Milanovic GM Jon Speelman
07/20 Wednesday/10AM
Mark Crowther GM Lars Bo Hansen
07/21 Thursday/10AM
IM Vojislav Milanovic GM Larry Christiansen
07/22 Friday/10AM
GM Pablo Zarnicki GM Alex Yermolinsky
07/23 Saturday/9AM
GM Ronen Har-Zvi GM John Fedorowicz


Razzberry commented on 2016 07 13

How do I get coverage? Your advertisement has no link to the coverage!!!

cesarchess commented on 2016 07 13


Discobear commented on 2016 07 13

Is there streaming ???

ChrisDate commented on 2016 07 13

I too wasted a lot of time looking for this “full coverage” but found nothing.  There is certainly no link to it from this page or in the email that brought me here.

PoisonedKing commented on 2016 07 14

No. At least for all practical intents and purposes there is no available live coverage of various events by excellent commentators as purported e.g. by recurrent emails to such an effect. About two years ago an inquiry to Support led to kind advice of downloading and perusing specified ICC software and, the reply went on, “from then on it will be easy”. Downloading the software was easy. Unfortunately it is more than can be said for deriving any benefit from it. I have thus far utterly failed to thus obtain any live coverage exploring all visible avenues, seemingly pointless or not - apart from being able to watch moves played by between fellow member essentially all of whom appear to be rated about 900-1500 FIDE. Carlsen, Nakamura etc. are not featured (Caveat: I have not bothered to look at blitz/bullet.)

Perhaps there may be people fortunate enough to experience that becoming an IM/GM ultimately is “easy” as well. Most of us clearly are not thus endowed. As compared to the efforts actually discussed here such a lofty goal comes with the distinct, if ultimately immaterial virtue of being in the, alas only theoretical, realm of long-term possibility.

Still, the content that clearly is truly accessible on the site feels excellent and well worth the pecuniary outlay.

ChrisDate commented on 2016 07 14

What it says above is “ICC will have full coverage of the Bilbao Masters Final, with live commentary, GOTD service and the usual trivia and contests”, followed by a listing of their “dream team of commentators”.

But none of that exists.

Pecuniary outlay?  Why would I ever pay money to a site that makes such empty promises?

Lyon commented on 2016 07 15

To follow live coverage, you need to be an ICC member. You can get a FREE TRIAL account, which lasts one month. Go to and get your account!

PoisonedKing commented on 2016 07 15

I have been an ICC member for some two years and counting - unless insulted further. Membership has not been in the least helpful for obtaining access to the broadcasts that are touted. If they are a significant reason for someone to consider membership without sufficient previous experience I strongly recommend a free trial first. Good luck…