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Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 9

Added on 01.24.2017

Magnus Carlsen bounced back immediately, as it was to be expected. He made his win over Van Wely look easy, in his characteristic style. A great game by the World Champion, who gave no chances to his opponent. Carlsen took double advantage from his win today, as the rest of the games were draws. Now Magnus is back in second place - shared with Wey Yi and Eljanov - only half a point behind the leader, Wesley So. your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 8

Added on 01.22.2017

26.e4! will stay in Carlsen's mind for a while, after today. that was the move that marked the game that the World Champion lost with Rapport. Carlsen losing a game makes the news immediately. Last year he lost only 3 games. Yesterday we said that missing mate in 3 against Giri could have dented a mark in Carlsen's confidence. We were wrong. Today Carlsen started like a raging bull, wanting to win so badly, most probably to remove that bad taste the previous round's game had certainly left in...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 7

Added on 01.21.2017

Like a famous English singer used to say: It's kind of magic. Giri can't be beaten, apparently. Today he played the Supreme Grinder and everything was going Carlsen's way, with the World Champion building his advantage slowly but steadily. Giri's hopes were all in an advanced pawn, supported by a rook. But the games was objectively lost for the Dutch talent. At move 56 all the engines - and the kibitzers - started to scream: mate in 23! Magnus wins again! But Magnus is human, after all. And he...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 6

Added on 01.20.2017

Magnus and Levon today played a liquidation game, quite uneventful. It was natural to think that today the tournament leader Wesley So would have had a good opportunity to win another game, and consolidate his leadership, facing the lowest rated player of the event, GM  Adhiban. But things didn't go exactly as Wesley had probably planned and after a questionable opening choice So found himself down a pawn without much compensation. Adhiban missed a couple of chances to get a larger advantage;...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 5

Added on 01.19.2017

An interesting round, with four decisive games, led to a change at the top of the standings. Wesley So is now the sole leader, with 4 points. Wesley won convincingly against the strong Indian GM Pentala Harikrishna. your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the chessboard Eljanov lost vs. Aronian, who showed his best chess to outplay the strong Ukrainian GM. your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 4

Added on 01.17.2017

Giri played a good game, and was close to scoring his first win in the Tata 2017. But Andreikin defended effectively and the game ended in a draw. An interesting draw. Many of the online people are complaining a bit about Giri's "habit" to draw games, but let's be objective: Anish plays strong, solid chess; it's almost impossible to beat him, and it's not like he's not trying to win! your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the chessboard Van Wely played...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 3

Added on 01.16.2017

Andreikin today succeeded in holding the Supreme Grinder to a draw, and that's already something to be happy with. Magnus could not find a way to break Andreikin's solid game, and went for a repetition of moves at move 24. So vs. Rapport was an incredible game. Richard played a very nice game, equalizing with black after the opening. Then he was able to build up a strong attack, with the rooks well coordinated, ready to strike on the kingside to make the Monarch's life miserable. The engines...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 2

Added on 01.15.2017

The Supreme Grinder strikes again. Following Carlsen's game today, with the help of a chess engine, has been fascinating. At move 25 the engine was stuck at 0.00, a very flat evaluation that led the kibitzers to think it was just another draw. then, slowly but at an implacable pace, the Norwegian Grinding Machine started pushing. The precision of the World champion was simply stunning, and by move 40 Carlsen had a winning position on the board. Wojtaszek resigned at move 44, facing the...Full Story

Tata Steel Masters 2017 - Round 1

Added on 01.14.2017

GM Pavel Eljanov   The chess superheroes approached the 2017 Tata Steel Master tournament cautiously: Carlsen, So, Karjakin, Giri, and Aronian all drew in round 1. Eljanov, who is one of the strongest "outsiders", won his game with Rapport, and after the opening round leads solo. Pavel showed a good technical command in the game, and forced Rapport to resign.   your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the chessboard The Dutch lion was able to pull off...Full Story

Tata Steel 2017

Added on 01.09.2017

The echo of an amazing 2016 still reverberates, with the World Championship Match and the final fireworks in Doha, Qatar with the World Rapid and Blitz Championships. But the chess circus never sleeps, and 2017 is going to open with the traditional super-tournament in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. Play starts January the 14th to the 29th, at 7:30 am EST (13:30 CET, 12:30 UK). The 79th edition of the Tata Steel chess festival is one of those events that no chess aficionado wants to miss. This...Full Story

live events on icctv January 2017 calendar

Added on 01.01.2017

          "Here is the January 2017 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM Joel Benjamin   01/02 Monday 4PM IM Christof Sielecki An hour of Chess... explained! 01/02 Monday 6:15PM GM Max Dlugy Take it to the Max!  01/03 Tuesday 4PM GM Ronen Har-Zvi Banter Blitz 01/03 Tuesday 6PM IM John...Full Story

Magnus Carlsen retains the Title!

Added on 12.03.2016

The World Championship match has been labeled as boring, uneventful, played by two computers-era guys who know way too much their preparation, and a lot of other derogatory names. People got upset when in game 12, with the players still tied, they decided to go for a 40-minute draw, without even trying to make it less obvious. The match actually was not boring at all. There has been a precise theme through almost every game: Magnus - the stronger player - trying to attack Karjakin or, at least,...Full Story

live events on icctv December 2016 calendar

Added on 12.01.2016

          "Here is the December 2016 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM John Fedorowicz   12/02 Friday 4PM CM Tryfon Gavriel Let's Crush the Kings! 12/03 Saturday 2PM GM John Fedorowicz SimulMaster! Simul against 20 players 12/05 Monday 4PM IM Christof Sielecki An hour of Chess... explained!...Full Story

FIDE WC Match 2016 - Tiebreaks

Added on 11.30.2016

At last the Russian hero broke down under pressure. Magnus Carlsen, with a brilliant play in games 3 and 4 of the Rapid playoffs, retains the World Championship Title in New York City.  The whole match had been almost thematic: Carlsen trying to break down Karjakin's resistance, and the Russian playing an amazing defensive chess, keeping the Champion at bay. After 12 games the two foes were tied 6/6, and today, after the first uneventful draw in the Rapid playoffs, the trend seemed to...Full Story

FIDE WC Match 2016 - Game 12

Added on 11.28.2016

It's hard to say anything about today's game. Of course, we could say that the players are tense, tired, under unbelievable pressure, and neither wanted to risk anything in the last game. A loss today would have been the end of it. Yet, 40 minutes of games for a dull draw is a bit too much. anyway, the two warriors decided that the World Championship Match will be decided on Wednesday, when they will sit in front of each other for the last time in this match, to play rapid and blitz. Namely, it...Full Story

FIDE WC Match 2016 - Game 11

Added on 11.26.2016

Game 11 was a relatively short and not very complicated game. Well, at least if compared with Game 10! People wonder who is this draw going to favor. Is Carlsen trying to win the last game, that he's playing with White? Or does he feel that he can draw pretty easily with white, and then get into Rapid/Blitz, where in theory he's much better than the challenger? We will probably never know the answers. One this is for sure: this match, that many of us had labeled as boring, turned out to be very...Full Story

FIDE WC Match 2016 - Game 10

Added on 11.24.2016

There are two things that come to mind after the dramatic fight that led Carlsen to win today's game: first off, if Carlsen will be the victor of the match, Karjakin will be haunted by games 9 and 10 for a very long time; in game 9 the Russian former prodigy had a real chance to close the match, and he missed it, allowing the World Champion to hold the draw; today, at move 10, Karjakin had a pristine chance to draw the game by repetition, but he chose to play on and try to win the game. Almost...Full Story

FIDE WC Match 2016 - Game 9

Added on 11.23.2016

What a thrill! As expected, after Karjakin's win in game 8, today's game was a very tense and interesting feat, but the only player who pushed for a win was again Karjakin. the Russian, in another Ruy Lopez, this time the so-called Arcangel variation, was able to put the Champion under pressure and, in more than an occasion, he seemed on the verge of winning his second game in this match. Post-mortem analysis shows that actually Karajan didn't have any easy way to win this game, but for sure...Full Story

FIDE WC Match 2016 - Game 8

Added on 11.21.2016

After 8 rather uneventful games, today all that can happen in a chess game did indeed happen. The two players got in severe time trouble at move 30, and the blunder fest started. Carlsen blundered first, with a perfectly good blitz move - 35 c5 - that turned out to be not so good in this case and put the World Champion in danger. But Karjakin gave back all his advantage in a couple of moves: after 36 … Nc5, 37 Qd6 the Russian, with less than two minutes on his clock, went with 37 … Qd3 instead...Full Story

FIDE WC Match 2016 - Game 7

Added on 11.20.2016

The Champion himself admitted that in the last two games there was not much going on, but probably it's good for him, who now has gone through the two White played by his opponent. Today it looked like Carlsen was only trying to get a quick draw, avoiding any only vaguely sharp move to set up a stimulating position. Karjakin, on the other hand, should be quite happy with how the match is going, so far. He was given by nearly everyone as the punching ball, and now the Russian is keeping his much...Full Story

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