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2010: Anand vs. Topalov

This time, the challenger to Anand was Topalov, and the match was played in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 24th of April till 13th of May 2010.
The prize fund was 2 million EUR, with 60% going to the winner. Again, the format was the same as in previous matches: 12 games, and in case of a tie, rapid tie-break.

Anand managed to win 6.5-5.5, with a win in the last 12th game! I had the impression that Topalov pushed too hard in that last game and lost because of that. Maybe he believed in prognosis as many people thought Anand was the favorite in rapid tie-break because of his famous speed!

Anyway, the match was again exciting, and this time, it was more challenging for Anand.
Topalov became a challenger by defeating 4.5-2.5 Kamsky in a match, also played in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The start of the match was postponed by 1 day because of the famous air travel disruptions caused by volcanic ash emissions from the Icelandic volcano!
So, this time Anand won, and held on to his title, being 41 years old!
The match was very tight, Topalov was very well prepared, but many praised Anand and said he was more talented than Topalov.
In the next match for the world crown, Anand had to face a new challenger – the famous Boris Gelfand! When they played the match in 2012, both of them were over 40 years old. Probably the only time in the history of these matches that both champion and challenger were over 40! When they played it, Anand (born in 1969) was in his 43rd year and Gelfand (born in 1968) in his 44th!
The match was a very close contest, where the GMs exchanged only 1 win and one lost game!
Only in a very close tie-break, Anand prevailed in the 2nd game, which was also equal, and looked like a draw! The other 3 games were drawn, so Anand won by 2.5-1.5 after the rapid tie-break! Well deserved win and Gelfand showed his full power because he went 6-6 vs. the world champion after 12 games.
After this, Anand faced Carlsen in 2 matches.
Stay tuned!