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1st FIDE grand Prix 2022 - info

The FIDE Grand Prix 2022 is a series of three tournaments, to be played between 3 February and 4 April 2022 in Berlin, Germany, and Belgrade, Serbia.
The Three tournaments have relevant importance not only because most of the best players in the world are participating. Indeed, the two top finishers will get a spot in the Candidates' Tournament, to be held in June this year.

As for now, the players who qualified to play in the Candidates' are:


Ian Nepomniachtchi (runner-up of the World Championship Match)
Teimour Radjabov (nominated by FIDE)
Jan-Jan-Krzysztof Duda (winner of the Chess World Cup 2021)
Sergey Karjakin (runner-up of the chess World Cup 2021)
Alireza Firouzja (winner of the FIDE Grand Swiss 2021)
Fabiano Caruana (runner-up of the FIDE Grand Swiss 2021)



The two top finishers of the Grand Prix series will complete the lineup for the Candidates.

The three GP tournaments are organized as follows:


There is a total of 24 participants. All of them will play in two of the three events. Each event sees the participation of 16 players. The 16 players are divided into four pools. In each pool, the participants play a double round-robin (6 rounds). the four players who emerge victorious from the pools, play the semifinals.


The winner of Pool A plays the winner of Pool B, and the winner of Pool C plays the winner of Pool D.Eventually, the players who win the semifinals will face each other in the final.

In Berlin, the 1st GP event lineup is as follows:




Pool A
Aleksander Grischuk
Hikaru Nakamura
Andrey Esipenko
Etienne Bacrot
Pool B
Radoslaw Wojtaszek
Richard Rapport
Vladimir Fedoseev
Grigoriy Oparin
Pool C
Levon Aronian
Vidit Gujrathi
Daniil Dubov
Vincent Keymer
Pool D
Wesley So
Leinier Dominguez
Pentala Harikrishna
Alexei Shirov

For each of the three tournaments, the Grand Prix points will be awarded as follows:


Placement Points
Winner 13
Runner-up 10
Semifinal loser 7
Second in pool 4
Third in pool 2
Fourth in pool  0


The Grand Prix points for pool placings take into account tie-breaks played to determine first place. Players tied for other places, or still tied after tie-breaks, share grand prix points.

If players finish tied on Grand Prix points, then the following tie-breaks are applied, in order:

Play starts Friday, February the 4th at 9 AM EST - 15:00 local (CET) - 14:00 UTC

Complete schedule:


Date Time Event
 Thursday, February 3   Opening ceremony
Friday, February 4 9 AM EST Pools, Round 1
Saturday, February 5 9 AM EST Pools, Round 2
Sunday, February 6 9 AM EST Pools, Round 3
Monday, February 7 9 AM EST Pools, Round 4
Tuesday, February 8   FREE DAY
Wednesday, February 9 9 AM EST Pools, Round 5
Thursday, February 10 9 AM EST Pools, Round 6
Friday, February 11 9 AM EST Tie-breaks
Saturday, February 12 9 AM EST Semifinals - Game 1
Sunday, February 13 9 AM EST Semifinals - Game 2
Monday, February 14 9 AM EST Semifinals - Tiebreaks
Tuesday, February 15 9 AM EST Final - Game 1
Wednesday, February 16 9 AM EST Final - Game 2
Thursday, February 17 9 AM EST Final - Tiebreaks