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Registering for USCF tournaments

Connect to ICC with the ICC for Mac or Windows software. Once connected, look for the USCF section in the Web section (Events section).  See picture below.

Click on the LINK MY USCF ACCOUNT link, and enter your USCF ID and PIN.  Once completed, you're ready to play USCF tournaments!


Linking your account via the ICC console

Most software has access to the ICC console.  If you need to find your console, CLICK HERE

In your console, you can type:

/tell uscf! uscf set USCFID PIN

Be sure to replace "USCFID" and "PIN" with your actual USCF ID and pin number.

Need additional assistance?

If you need assistance registering your USCF ID and PIN, please contact the manager or ask in the help channel.  You can also send email to with your USCF info and one of our staff will be happy to register you.