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Added on 05.21.2015

4th FIDE GP 2015 - Round 7

Opening: A45: Queen's pawn: London system

Player(s): Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave

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GM Joel Banjamin recaps Round 7. An unrecognizable MVL loses his 4th game in a row, and launches Nakamura toward the top of the standings, now only a point behind Caruana, who today drew an interesting game with Gelfand. Dominguez beats Svidler, and operates a switch-over in the standings. Now the strong cuban GM is in second place with Karjakin, half a point behind the leader, and Svidler joins Nakamura in 4th-5th at +1. Jobava keeps playing interesting openings, and it's always worth it checking his games, even when they end in a draw, like today. Giri, in an extremely tactical game, wins over Tomashevsky, who is now 11th in the standings, with a most likely compromised chance to qualify. With 4 rounds to go, Caruana and Nakamura are still favorite to take the two available spots for the 2016 Candidates Tournament.


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