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LIVE COMMENTARY! in English provided by the Internet Chess Club (ICC).  The Internet Chess Club, the best place to play chess on the net!  Register for a FREE trial HERE.    Be sure to download the chess software here.



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Instructional Videos
(over 2,000 and counting!)
Rated and unrated play 24x7

5 unrated games/day

Measure your improvement.
Multiple chess ratings, including Standard, Blitz, Bullet and more!


Live Tournaments


LIVE! games from more than 1500 Grandmasters and International Masters


Broadcast of Major chess events with LIVE commentary from Top GMs


 Private lessons from world class coaches and players 


Access to LIVE Help

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Also included with FULL membership:  

- Chat with your opponent; kibitz and discuss game strategy with observers of games you are watching.
- Find people you know, leave messages for friends, and explore hundreds of specialized chat channels.  
- Challenge Grandmasters in simultaneous exhibitions and other special events held on ICC. 
- Browse ICC's database of 5 million master games. Build your personal library and include your own games and MORE!